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Floki was born in April 2018 to a breeder in AZ and is mostly wolf. He is named for Floki in the Viking TV series, the fur around his eyes had dark vertical stripes when he was a puppy. What you notice first about Floki is his large size, he is the tallest and heaviest of the Lupine Grove wolfdogs. If you can get past his intimidating appearance, you will see he is a little bit shy and a whole lot goofy, life is just a big game to him. Floki is extremely sweet and his most favorite pastime is belly rubs and scratches between his eyes and down his snout. When Floki gets extra affectionate, he tries to put your nose in his mouth and no matter how many times it happens, his giant teeth gently sliding down your nose is always exciting to say the least.

Jethro is the brother of Mariel and Sassy, the three of them together we affectionately refer as the triplets. Jethro is very even keeled, he doesn't get upset about little things and doesn't tolerate any nonsense from his pen mates. Jethro has done modeling work and is absolutely stunning, particularly when he is wearing his thick winter coat. And we think he knows he's a looker, he poses for the camera way too often for it to be coincidence. Jethro is coy, he can be very outgoing when the mood suits him or very shy when he wants to be left alone. He loves his belly rubs, ear scratches, and hugs around the neck with your face buried in his deep fur.


Mariel was born March 2018 to a breeder in MN and is mostly wolf. She is the sister of Sassy and Jethro, the three of them together we affectionately refer as the triplets. Mariel has never met a stranger; she enthusiastically greets all visitors in hopes of getting treats and ear scratches. Mariel has springs for legs as she is known to jump straight-up with her whole body at face height in the blink of an eye. We have to be careful with Mariel meeting new people who aren't used to wolfdog enthusiasm, she doesn't take No for an answer when it comes to getting kissed. Mariel is a huge thief and will steal hair ties, hats, gloves, purses, keys, tools, and anything else she can fit in her mouth to play "keep away" with her new prize.


Marley is a mostly wolf and was born May 2019 to a breeder in TX. He is a "black-phase" wolfdog which means he was born completely black but by the time he is five or six years old, he will be mostly silver. His eyes range in color from amber to green depending on the day. Marley is the wariest of all Lupine Grove’s wolfdogs because he wasn't socialized as much as a puppy but he is also our gentlest and most affectionate, his favorite thing in the whole world is to sit on Cindy's lap while rubbing his face all over hers. 


Mishka was born in February 2012 to a breeder in VA and is our “starter” wolfdog. We wanted a smarter-than-average dog and internet research said wolfdogs are smartest of all. Even though she was sold to us as mostly wolf, Mishka is mostly dog, husky and malamute specifically, with just a splash of wolf. She is an independent thinker, and some would describe her as stubborn, but she is also extremely affectionate which is why our interest in wolfdogs grew far beyond having a smart dog. As Mishka has gotten older, she's calmed way down and her most favorite spot is the corner section of the sectional couch watching a little bit of TV.,..and she really watches.


Sassy is the sister of Mariel and Jethro, the three of them together we affectionately refer as the triplets. Sassy is sensitive, she can be slow to warm up to strangers and she doesn't always want as much affection from us as the others. When she does want affection though, she's full throttle about it to include chest-to-chest hugs and kisses that usually end with a little nibble of your lip. The most notable feature on Sassy is her feet, she has extremely large feet with long toes that look like fingers.  It may take Sassy a bit longer to befriend people, and she doesn't make friends with everyone, but when she does it is with all of her heart and a very special bond.

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Ninmah and Enki are AKC registered Malamutes, Ninmah from a breeder in MO and Enki from a breeder in NC. They were born in September 2022 and both breeders were selected for their focus on personality and temperament. Ninmah is an extremely outgoing and loving ball of a little bulldozer that wants kisses. Ninmah currently has two speeds, one hundred miles per hour and asleep on the kitchen floor. Enki is more gentle but also very affectionate and enjoys washing your whole face. He is often overwhelmed by Ninmah’s energy and crawls up on a lap to get hugs, kisses, and a break from his crazy sister.



Marduk is the son of Jemma and Enki. Because Jemma isn't a pure wolf at 100%, Marduk is roughly 49% wolf and 51% Malamute. He was born in April of 2023. At six months old, he weighed 85 lbs. Marduk might be the friendliest dog we own, both his parents are very affectionate and their offspring apparently got a double dose. Marduk does not believe in personal space and his favorite place to hang out is with his front legs over your neck and shoulders, the canine version of a hug. 

In Loving Memory



Caesar was born in November 2012 to a breeder in NC and was about 2/3 malamute with the rest wolf. He was a gentle giant who loved all people, but was not too friendly with other dogs. When you visited Lupine Grove, Caesar's happy face and love for humans usually left a lasting impression on visitors. Caesar enjoyed to have his belly rubbed outside during the day and in the evening and he liked his head rubbed while you were watching TV. One of our special sayings at Lupine Grove is “Everyone Needs a Caesar.”   

Meet The Pack



Jemma was born in April 2020 to a breeder in NC and is mostly wolf. She is the baby of the pack and acts like she should get all the attention from her human pack mates. She is known for driving the other dogs away so she can sit on a human lap to be pulled in and hugged. She is also ticklish on her sides and will often gently redirect petting away from those areas by grabbing your hand with her mouth and moving it. She is the largest female wolf dog at Lupine Grove, and she will get even bigger before she hits full adulthood.






Ninmah & Enki



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